Up Coming Classes 2017


A few things different at All In A Jar this year. First class will be the third Saturday of each month starting at 10:30 am. There are two months that holidays land on or are close to the third Saturday so, April class will be the fourth Saturday 22 and June will be the fourth Saturday, the 24th. To save money, buy a series of three classes and get the four class for free. Classes will run anywhere from 3 1/2 hours to 5 hours; this depends on how many hands are helping and how many recipes we will be making. I have so many new recipes I want to share with you. Some of the classes in the summer, when produce is plentiful, we will be making 3 recipes and maybe a surprise recipe too. The classes are still going to be hands on. You will go home with recipes, a small jar from each recipe and we will be sitting down for a meal together. If you have something you would like me to teach, please let me know. Recipes may be changed due to the availability of produce. If you are a resident of Amador County you receive $20.00 off each class.

March 18th at 10:30 This class will run longer due to the pressure canner.
We will be making Chicken Soup and using a pressure canner . This is a low acid food and can not be processed with a water bath canner. It is wonderful to have chicken soup at your finger tips when you have a cold. Homemade Coarse Ground Mustard is great on pretzels and on a sandwich. Nutmeg Apple Conserve; this will jazz up your oatmeal. It is sweet, tart and warm with nutmeg. For our meal we will be having Chicken Soup, Biscuits and Salad. For dessert we will have Thumbprint Cookies With Homemade Jam.

April 22 at 10:30
Mango Papaya Rum Chutney is delightful in a sandwich, or on a grilled pork chop, or on grilled fish. You can’t go wrong with this jar. Sweet and sticky Apricot Marmalade is wonderful on a biscuit or on a scone. You can mix it with some Marscapone cheese and whipped cream to fill crepes. This recipe is made with dried apricots so you can make it year round. The dried apricots give it an intense apricot flavor. Mixed Pickled Asparagus and Carrots. This jar is great to have around as you can use a snack, in salads, and they make great stir sticks for your Bloody Mary. For our sit down meal we will be having grilled pork chops, mixed greens salad and crepes.

All In A Jar is traveling to “The Kitchen ” Please contact them for May 6 class
Dianne McArthur “The Kitchen” at Alamo Hardware 3211 Danville Blvd
Alamo CA 94507 phone 925.837.2420 ext.313

May 6 at 11:00am

Orange Vanilla  Bean Curd is out of this world. It will bring back childhood memories of eating an orange 50/50 sickle.Strawberry Port Sauce is fabulous poured over a stack of pancakes or pour it over ice cream. Roasted Carrot Jam is wonderful on toasted baguette and your favorite cheese. Pineapple Coconut Tart Filler can be used to fill a tart, place on top of ice cream, or in yogurt or oatmeal.
May 20 at 10:30
Cherry Rhubarb Jam is sweet and tart. Everyone makes strawberry rhubarb jam. I thought it would be fun to mix things up with cherries. OMG, wait till you try home-made Maraschino Cherries .They are nothing like the store-bought. I have made a recipe for these lovely cherries to soak in two different liquors. They make the best cocktail.
Peach Honey Butter : this sweet butter is great on cookies , crackers and on ice cream. It is a fast recipe considering it is a butter and they tend to take hours to cook. For our sit down meal we will be having Black bean sweet potato soup, mixed green salad and cookies.

June 24 at 10:30
Eggplant Caponata with Lemon and Basil. The lemon and basil brighten up this caponata. Place on toasted baguette slices or mix it in some pasta. Apricot Blueberry Pie Filling is yummy and beautiful in the jar. Last year I was making a lot of pie filling for my daughter’s up coming wedding and decided to have some fun with mixing things

up. Sure glad I came up with this one. It will be made every year. Date-Peaches Chutney is a wonderful appetizer on crackers or little sandwiches with cream cheese. It is divine on baked ham too. Blackberry Caramel Sauce: yes it is as good as it sounds. Pour this over pound cake, ice cream or over pancakes. For our sit down meal we will be having pasta, salad and ice cream.

July 15 at 10:30
Blueberry and Lemon Thyme Compote: this is amazing as a dessert or an appetizer. For dessert, get a tall glass and place some lemon sorbet in the glass and layer the compote. For an appetizer, pour it over a warm baked brie. How about a little kick with Peach Jalapeño Jam. This is a great filling for thumbprint sugar cookies or try it as an almond butter peach jalapeño sandwich. Bread Butter Zucchini Pickles are a great way to use all of those zucchini you have growing in the garden. Lets do some fermenting. This recipe is a smash of two recipes; Sauerkraut – Kimchi ; It is loaded with flavor and live probiotic, so good for your health. For our sit down meal we will be having grilled sausages, grilled vegetables and ice cream.

All In A Jar is traveling to “The Kitchen ” Please contact them for Aug 15 class
Dianne McArthur “The Kitchen” at Alamo Hardware 3211 Danville Blvd
Alamo CA 94507 phone 925.837.2420 ext.313

Aug 15 at 11:00am

Peach Raspberry Jam is sweet and tart. Great on toast, in thumbprint cookies, in yogurt and over ice cream. Garlicky Broccoli Stem Relish; you can use this on sandwiches, and on toasted baguette with your favorite cheese. Homemade Barbecue Sauce; not too sweet and a smoky spicy flavor. Nectarine Conserve with Raisins and Walnuts; I love conserve they have a lot going on. They are sweet, sticky and can be used as an appetizer with bread and cheese, as a dessert on top of pound cake or ice cream, even for breakfast in oatmeal.
August 19 at 10:30
Better than Ketchup You will never want to buy store – bought ketchup again. This ketchup has been heightened with roasted peppers and warm spices. Eggplant Tomato Relish ; this relish is delicious on roasted chicken and grilled sausage. Pickled Ginger ; You either love it or hate it. My family loves it. For our sit down meal we will be having grilled hamburgers, oven fries, green salad, and a bowl of ice cream with homemade jam.

September 16 at 10:30
Fig Mustard ;this works great with a charcuterie plate or in a roasted beef or pork sandwich. Cinnamon Whiskey Jelly ;why not? This will go with the charcuterie plate as well or use it to make a cocktail. Basil & Lime Pickled Radishes; these are great as a snack or put them in a salad. For our sit down meal we will have roast beef sandwich, homemade chips and pound cake.

All In A Jar is traveling to “The Kitchen ” Please contact them for Oct. 10 class
Dianne McArthur “The Kitchen” at Alamo Hardware 3211 Danville Blvd
Alamo CA 94507 phone 925.837.2420 ext.313
Oct. 10 at 11:00am Getting ready for the holidays with the best gifts to hand out.

Hot Pepper Mustard Relish; this can be used on a hot dog, on a roasted beef sandwich or use it to make a salad dressing. Cranberry Banana  Cinnamon Jam; this is awesome in oat meal or in yogurt . It makes a good PBJ sandwich too. Grapefruit Curd; I love curds, they are pudding in a jar. Spread this on a tart for dessert or open and eat with a spoon. Tropical Pineapple Sauce: pour this over some pancakes, pound cake, ice cream or make a cocktail with it.

October 21 at 10:30am
Five Spice Apples: you will love these apples. You can put them on top of a grilled pork chop, on a toasted baguette with your favorite cheese, or in your oat meal. Tangerine Vanilla Bean Jam: What can I say ? I love anything with vanilla bean and it certainly adds a lot to this jam. Strawberry Kiwi Jam : How can you go wrong with those two wonderful fruits. Great to use for an ice cream sundae. For our sit down meal we will have pork sausages, green beans and sugar cookies.

November 18 10:30 ( To be determined later )

December 16 at 10:30 ( To be determined later )