Some Many Reasons To Can



People ask me all the time, “Why do you can?” I say there are so many reasons to can your own food. One reason is your health: BPA, a chemical found in plastics and food packaging, has made headlines in the past few years as it has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, breast and prostate cancers and reproductive abnormalities. Many of us changed our water bottles due to BPA concerns. A new study from Consumer Reports suggests we might want to check our pantries, too.
To learn more, search Foods News – The latest on BPA
This is why I can. I want to know what’s in the jar and what’s around my food.

Spread The Love



Well, if you haven’t figured it out yet. My family and myself are all foodies.

So, the other day when my big sissy Liz invited herself and her husband to
come for dinner. I just didn’t feel like going to the store.
So, I went to my pantry and decided to ‘Spread the Love’
I pulled out one of my personal favorites, my Roasted Eggplant Bell Pepper Spread.
This one little jar has so much inspiration, with which these very yummy manicotti were born.
I have also used it over pasta, spread it on pizza dough, eggs, and it always loves to be the shining star appetizer too. 
So, what’s in your pantry?
Maybe I can help you with that?
Stay tune for more great ideas from ‘All In The Jar’ ( Class: Roasted Eggplant Bell Pepper Spread)
See you in class