Canning Tips


For years I simply tossed the lids and rings in a pot and when it was time to get them out I always had such a hard time. Then one day I thought, “If you put them together in the pot it would be a lot easier to get them out using the tongs and placing the ring and lid on top of the jar.” Before placing them in a pot of water, put each lid inside of a ring and submerge them upside down into the water. When you pull them out, the lid will already be fit snug into the ring and you can use the tongs to turn it over and place it on the jar. My neighbor was kind and ordered me a magnet with a long handle so if the lid and ring separates I can use the magnet to help me fish them out of the water.

Remember: never boil the lids and rings. You simply want them to sterilize in the water and for the rubber to warm up and soften, creating a nice seal. Place them at a low simmer before you begin your recipe and let them rest at a simmer until you are ready to use them.

Canning can be messy so try this trick with the foil: Place a piece of foil between the stove top and counter top. At the end of your canning process, just roll it up and throw it away. You’ll be happy you did it!

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