Happy Fourth Of July

Happy Fourth Of July 

All In A Jar hope you have a fun and safe day.



There’s nothing better than a homemade gift. Last year for the holidays, my family received All In A Jar’s finest preservers, jams, pickles, hot sauces, chutney and more. They all seemed satisfied with their gifts and I’m alright taking orders for what they would like in a jar this year. And I’m not the only one thinking about homemade for friends and family. In some of my classes, I have been talking about the December calendar and how it will be all about making gifts.

All In A Jar’s gift to you is an extra recipe in the month of December! For each class we will make three different recipes and you will go home with three jars of what you have made.  We will be making recipes to please everyone in the family from Cranberry Ketchup and Pickled Garlic, to Spicy Mustard, Marinated Mushrooms and kid-friendly Taco Sauce. There are so many options during the month of December. Please go to the class calendar to see what classes you would like take. Come and have some fun in the kitchen.

See you in class


New Tool


One of my students told me  about a cherry pitter that pits  four cherries at the same time. I just had to have one. You can get one at Bed Bath And Beyond.
What a great tool! I love it and I will be buying more for the up coming cherry classes. As you can see from the photograph above, I have been having some
fun with it already. Cherries are ripe and it is a short season so get out there and get some. In Brentwood, there are a lot of farms that let you pick your own.
It is a great way to spend time with the family. Below are a few I have heard good things about. Please call and check to see the days they are open and if they
have any cherries for picking.

Bloomfield Cherries (925) 550-5540, Chavez (925) 625-3994,
DC’s Extraordinary Cherries (925)

See you in class