Pear Ginger Muffins With Marmalade Ginger Glaze




Here is a picture of what I’ve been doing today: making some yummy muffins for Wednesday’s night class. We will also be snacking on feijoe pepper jellyover cream cheese with crackers, roasted eggplant pepper spread on bread, pickled miniature zucchini, pretzels to dip into hot sauce, and spicy tomato salsa with chips. There are two spots left in this class. We will be making pickled baby beets with raspberries and pear ginger jam. All In A Jar will also be making these recipes on Saturday and we have three spots left on that day. Sign up for classes by filling out the form on my “Classes” page.

See you in class

Getting Ready For Class



We have a few spots left for Wednesday evening’s class from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. We will be making Pickled Baby Beets with Raspberries, and one of my sister’s favorites: Pear Ginger Jam. You might be thinking, “What would I do with Pickled Baby Beets with Raspberries?” Well, they make a great addition to a plate of marinated vegetables or cradled in a tender leaf of butter lettuce and drizzled with extra- virgin olive oil. It is a sweet – sour combo that becomes an instant salad. The Pear Ginger Jam is wonderful on toast, oat meal, yogurt and I have even made biscotti with it.


See you in class