Use your own fruit!

If you have a large quantity of your own fruits or vegetables that you would like to use for a class, please contact All In A Jar to set up a private session. The class will cost $50.00 per person, and you will leave with all of the jars that you produce. This class requires two or more people. All In A Jar will provide all of the necessary tools and knowledge for the class.

For private classes you will:

-bring your own ingredients
-bring your own jars
You will learn two different recipes specific to your ingredients
You will spend three hours with Instructor Penny Porter learning about canning.

 I will be there to guide you through every step and provide you with an appropriate recipe that will make your fruits and vegetables shine! If other ingredients are required she will discuss this with you upon scheduling your class.

Note: This deal does not apply to regularly scheduled classes. All ingredients and tools are supplied by All In A Jar for regularly scheduled classes.

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