Watch Out For Wax!


Not everyone has a garden, so carefully select produce at the grocery store for preserving, watch out for wax. Most grocery stores sell apples, beets, cucumbers, peppers, squash, tomatoes, turnips, and watermelons that are coated with wax. This makes them look glossier and helps prevent moisture loss.
The wax alone is not so bad. It’s usually made of natural products like beeswax. But the wax is often combined with fungicides to prevent mold problems during shipping and marketing. Since the wax is not water-soluble, it seals the fungicides onto the fruit, making them close to impossible to wash off.
To avoid buying waxed produce, shop at farmers markets, roadside stands, and organic farms or co-ops. Or ask your local grocery store to supply unwaxed produce; you’ll have to take their word for it because it can be hard to see thin layers of wax. If you do buy waxed fruits or vegetables, peel off the outer skin before eating or processing.

Spreading Joy

All In A Jar is back on the road again, spreading joy for the up coming holiday season.
Ace Hardware in Alamo has asked All In A Jar back to teach in their gourmet kitchen.
Special Holiday Class. Prefect gifts for friends and family.
Nov. 7th at 11:00am to 2:00. Only cost $55.00
Each student will go home with a jar from each recipe. A snack will be served and you’ll get 15% off any purchase from the kitchen department. If you haven’t been to this store you will love it! It’s like a candy store for anyone that likes to can or cook.
Here is what we will be making that day.
Cranberry Ketchup: is wonderful on a slice of roasted turkey, use it in a turkey sandwich or
a turkey burger. Great on turkey meatloaf too.
Zinfandel Wine Jelly: can be used as an appetizer with some hard cheese like Manchego cheese, it’s great with brie cheese also or as a dessert on ice cream or a tart with some cream cheese. I found my husband eating it in some yogurt.
Bourbon Honey Mustard: what more do I need to say. I love this on a grilled sausage, steak sandwich, or to make a salad dressing.

There are a few spot left, please contact Dianne at;
The Kitchen at Alamo Hardware
3211 Danville Blvd
Alamo CA 94507
phone 925.837.2420 ext.313
See you in class


All In A Jar Is Traveling


All In A Jar has been asked to come to Ace Hardware in Alamo and teach a class. I made two wonderful new recipes just for this class. This Ace Hardware store has a gourmet kitchen inside. I can’t wait to create some yummy recipes and hopefully see some of All In A Jar’s students. This class is limited so, call today and sign up. Happy Canning. See you Sept. 12th at 11:00 to 2:00.