A New Season

As the new season approaches, I’m starting to plan the lay out of the garden. I’m making sure not to plant something in the same bed as rotating crops is important. 

The purpose of crop rotation is not only to avoid pest problems, but to also consider the soil’s health and the nutrients that different plants need from the soil. 

I get my best results when I companion plan. This is where a plant can provide needed shade, improve the soil by adding nutrients, attract beneficial insects and repel harmful garden pests to improve the flavor of the other plant. 

Now,  you have to ask yourself what do I want from this crop and how much do you need to plant to get enough produce to make your favorite recipes. 

Here is a list of recipes that my husband and I came up with. They are recipes that we love and want every year.

Ketchup: We love homemade ketchup. Store-bought has too much sugar. 

Mex-Mix: I use this jar a lot in soups, beans, and stews. It has everything you want in it. 

Marinara Pasta Sauce: Great to have on hand. Dinner is on the table in no time.

Tomato and Okra: We like this jar poured over roasted chicken thighs and rice.

Salsa Verde: Chips and salsa, chicken enchiladas, and pork verde .

Blackberry BBQ Sauce: Put in on ribs, chicken, steak and roast.

Fermented Pickles: Love crunchy pickles with garlic and jalapeños. 

Last year I planted;

 6 – San Marzano Roma tomato plants. This year  7 plants.

 5 – Tomatillos plants, this year  8 plants.

2 – Jalapeño, this year 3 plants

8 – Okra, this year 12 plants

1 – Pickling cucumbers, this year 2 plants

And of course many other plants like melons, bell peppers, basil, zucchini, carrots and tomatoes for fresh salsa. And a lot of flowers to attract bees and humming birds.  

I feel so blessed that I’m growing fresh produce for my family. Especially with what’s happening to food costs today.

With all that said All In A Jar will be raise rates due to the high cost of everything. Class was $50.00 now $70.00.

See you in class,


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