Cold Rainy Day

Soup in Wide Mouth Freezer Jars

Sitting in my home looking out on a cold rainy day thinking about next year 2022.

What will it bring? I’m hoping for good health and good food for everyone. 

I’m looking forward to having students back in the kitchen with me learning and have fun. Which gets me thinking what will we be making in the kitchen here at The Farm. 

We will start with making soup for the freezer which is another way of preserving food. I have been doing this for years and thought my students would benefit learning this. It is great to have soup in the freezer went to are tried and hungry. It thaws quickly and you are eating a hot bowl of soup in the manor of minutes. 

I have be working on the class calendar, please check it out and let me know if there is something that is missing that you would like to learn. If you have any suggestions I’m always open to hear what you would like to learn. 

Private classes are been offered to four students or more. 

All In A Jar has been asked to have garden tours. So if you are interested please let me know. 

See you in Class

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