Unusual Times


 I hope everyone is doing well. I sure miss my students coming and having fun in my kitchen. I know this has been hard . At first I was in shock that something like this could bring our country to its knees. 

This has opened my eyes to how important preserving food and growing food is. I keep thinking of the next generation of preservers and growers and how necessary it is that I keep the knowledge going forward. 

 By doing our part staying home and having food on hand has been a blessing. Having a pantry full of jars and a freezer with meals and meats available. Not to mention a garden with a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit. I can say we have had many wonderful meals.  

 We have gotten a lot done around here. Lots of weed whacking and mowing to keep us safe from fires. Plus it looks pretty.  We made a new garden bed. I have planted more this year that ever. I have volunteer plants coming out my ears. I have given away many. 

With the country slowly reopening I’m asking myself when will All In A Jar reopen. I’m looking in July. I think it would be nice to have small private canning classes. That way you know the other students in class. I’m still working on this and if anyone has suggestions please let me know your thoughts. 

Yes, I miss you, family and friends.

See you in class


2 thoughts on “Unusual Times

  1. Dear Penny, I could not have said it better myself. I can only hope people recognize, now more than ever, how important food preservation is and how what you do and what you teach are important. People: think of how SAFE it is – you know what is in the jar because you put it there! No questions about if people in the store have touched it, coughed on it, dropped it on the floor and put it back on the shelf. Food preservation is both a “blast from the past” and is “the future” as we move forward in an unsure “new normal” – whatever that even means!?!? Before the pandemic, my friends and colleagues used rib me about having a backstock of food and would ask me if I was planning for the “zombie apocalypse”. After COVID hit, I received many texts from those people saying, “OK, now we get it. You were the smart one.” ;o) Thank you, Penny, for all you have taught me! (Puts maraschino cherry we made in Manhattan, has last laugh…)

    • Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you are enjoying the backstock of jars and especially the Maraschino Cherries for your Manhattan cocktail. Yes, we are having the last laugh. Take care.

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