Special Up Coming Class




I have an overabundance of eggplant in the garden which is a good thing since I love making Roasted Eggplant Bell Pepper Spread. In fact, I made a point to grow all the ingredients for this recipe in my garden. My peppers aren’t quite ready yet but they will be soon. I made two batches of it yesterday (with store bought peppers but the rest of the ingredients from the garden). It is the jar I reach for the most and by far my favorite recipe to can! It can be used for so many dishes like manicotti, pizza sauce, pasta sauce, on a grilled cheese sandwich and for an appetizer on some great bread with parmesan cheese and fresh basil. I will be teaching this recipe during my class on Aug. 4 Saturday 10:30am here  at ” The Farm “. I will wait to see what is in the garden for the second recipe!

Each class includes a snack at the beginning of class and a lunch at the end of class. You will go home with a jar from each recipe and of course the recipes themselves so you can make them at home.

See you in class,

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