Special Class Special Price

Looking for students to fill this class. We will have a snack at the begin of class then starting canning two recipes. You will go home with a jar from each recipe and the recipe. We will have  lunch at the end of class.

I have reduce the price for this class to $45.00. Please use the pay pal on the website or email me to reserve your spot in class. Limited space, please reserve asap.

June 16th 10:30 Here at “ The Farm “
Apricot Berry Jam, you can never have too much jam in the home. You will want it on toast, yogurt and ice cream, etc.

Plum Berry Conserve, If you haven’t made a conserve yet you need to try this one. A conserve is sweet, thick and yummy. It can be used as an appetizer on ice cream and in yogurt.

For the meal, we will have pesto pasta salad and for dessert ice cream with jam.

See you in class,



2 thoughts on “Special Class Special Price

  1. Dear Penny, I sure wish I was able to take advantage of this great deal !!! It has been a little over 3 weeks since my knee replacement & I won’t be driving for awhile yet. Working hard on bending my knee but it sure is 😣. Walking is going better & bearing weight on that left knee. My kids & Leo helped me the 1st 2 weeks. My sister came a week ago , from Vermont, and she will be with me thru 9 June. Hope all is well & your granddaughter is flourishing!!!! Sue Flor

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    • Dear Sue,
      I hope you have a speedy recovery. Glad to hear you have some help.
      Take care. Happy canning.
      See you in class,

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