Something to share from All In A Jar

I had a class yesterday with some locals . I’m part of Nextdoor Lake Camanche North Shore. It is a wonderful site that the neighbors can share events, ask questions and let each other  know what is going on in our community. I offered a class at a reduced price to introduce All In A Jar to the neighbors. I’m so grateful that some students signed up. We had a great time together. This is what I found on the site today. I wanted to share it with you.

Penny’s All in a Jar Class

I have to let my neighbors know about my experience at Penny Porter’s Canning class yesterday! Right when you arrive at her home, the stage is immediately set; The Farm is exquisite! I got to meet All in a Jar owner Penny, sweet Wendy, and the chubby pupper Ruby. We visited the thriving, full garden and pulled the beets straight out and into the house! The class was informative and simply a blast! The lunch was pesto pasta and salad, and even the pesto was intriguing as she used kale and walnuts, sooo good! The pickled beets in the salad assured me that although I may have come into the class as a “beet sceptic”, in a few weeks I will be digging into a jar of deliciousness. 

I learned so much from just this one class. I’ve been looking for an easy way to introduce myself to the kitchen besides the slow cooker and i think I found my new favorite dinner/gift maker!

Thank you so much Penny for putting on this much needed class and being so hospitable. I’m already gushing to my family and friends about the experience and planning our class.

4 thoughts on “Something to share from All In A Jar

  1. So glad you’ve found some local interest in your classes & some local connections. You are such a great teacher & person. I bet you spend as much time as possible with your new grand baby !

    I go in for my knee replacement surgery on Weds. Hopefully after 6 -12 weeks I will be able to walk better and with less pain. Physical therapy will be a little grueling initially but I’m praying it will be all worth it.

    Take care, Sue

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    • Hello Sue,
      Yes, it is nice to finally have locals here. We had a wonderful time together. I wish my grand daughter lived closer. Best of luck with your knee. I will have you in my thoughts and prayers.
      Take care,

  2. How wonderful that more lovely people are discovering your wonderful classes, Penny! I am jealous of the beets! Yesterday I canned 6 jars of your blood orange marmalade and am going to do another batch tonight. My friends are begging me for some. I am glad my husband will not touch it so that I have lots left for me!
    Miss you. Hope to see you in Alamo this year and, of course, in Ione.

    • Hello Cindy,
      I had a great class with some very lovely local students. I look forward to having them back here in the kitchen. I have more beets I need to can soon. I need the beds for summer crops. That Blood Orange Marmalade recipes is some yummy. I’m glad your friends like it too. I hope to see you at an Alamo class as well as an Ione class.
      Happy canning!
      Take care,

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