New Chapter


Hello All In A Jar fans,

This is a happy and yet sad blog, I need to share with you that All In A Jar will be moving in March of this year. It is a happy time because my husband and I, will be starting a new chapter in our life’s moving up to the Gold Country. We are looking forward to having a garden, fruit trees and some chickens.  I will continue to teach once we get settled in.

But yet sad, because I  leave behind all the wonderful students that have come to my classes. I will try my best to keep blogging during this very busy part of my life. The class calendar goes to the end of February. Please come join me in the last of the classes here in Lafayette. You can always  email me with questions. I will do my best to help and of course you can always come up to the Gold Country for a class.

I am considering having All In A Jar  travel to students homes.
Please let me know if that would be something you would like.
Best wishes to all of you and Happy Canning.

See you in class

14 thoughts on “New Chapter

  1. Oh Penny, I’m sure gonna miss you and your classes. You are a shining star in this community. I’ll keep up on your blog. Enjoy life in Gold Country! (will that included some hunting as well?)

  2. Penny,

    Wishing you much happiness with your move. I really enjoyed the classes I took. Hope you have a fabulous kitchen in your new house like the one you are leaving. Would love to continue to get your posts.

    Cathy McCaughey

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    • Hello Cathy, Thank you for the kind words. If the home doesn’t have a great kitchen I will put one in like I did this place. Thank you for wanting to continue the blog. Best to you. Happy Canning.

  3. That is exciting news — a big garden with lots of fruit trees and chicken with fresh eggs! Best of luck to you and your husband! We’ll definitely miss you and your wonderful canning classes, but are so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn such a wonderful skill! We will keep up with your blog and always look forward to your next post!

  4. Penny,
    Best Wishes to you in your new home in the Gold Country – you’ll have a lot of fun – a garden, fruit trees and chickens! And a big THANKS for the canning lessons I took with you. Happy Canning!

    Betsy Z

  5. Wow ! A big shock Penny. I am happy for you & Glenn but at the same time sad. I won’t get to see your lovely face after March nor enjoy canning class with you and the neat people I meet each time at your home and in your great kitchen 😦 Glad I will be seeing you again in a few days and thanks for the Christmas gift of canning jars. Sue Flor

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    • Hello Sue, This was a hard decision because of wonderful people like you. I have had a great time with you and I will miss seeing that great smile of yours. You have been a delight to have here in the kitchen. I look forward to the classes we have coming up. Take care and Happy Canning. See you in class

  6. Happy for you, devastated for me! Best of luck on your new chapter. I am sure you will love it and you certainly deserve it, Penny! I have had an absolute blast in your classes and I am sure you will be seeing me at your new location once you get settled.

    • Hello Steve,
      Thank you for the kind words. I have always enjoyed having you here in the kitchen. You have been a great support to me and All In A Jar. I appreciate your help. I look forward to settling in and having you back in class. The best to you. Happy Canning. See you in class, Penny

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