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I love coming up with new recipes. I have a few students letting me know they want to learn how to make mustard. I have a few mustard recipes I make but, I wanted to come up with something I had never made. So yesterday I played in the kitchen and came up with two new mustard recipes. My husband is favoring one over the other. Not that he didn’t like both. He just loved the one. He said we need some bratwurst sausages. The one he loves is Wasabi Mustard. It has a little kick to it. The other is Apricot Nectarine Mustard. When I was making the Apricot Mustard I was thinking about roasted pork, sweet apple sausage and making it into a glaze for grilled meats and vegetables. I was thinking of the wasabi mustard on sausages and fried fish sandwiches. Let me know what you are interested in learning next. Think of something and be creative!
Check the class calendar; it goes to September 20th and I have a few mustard classes up and I will be adding the wasabi mustard in the fall. I need to find a spot to put the Apricot Nectarine Mustard before the apricot and nectarine go out of season. You can have a private class( a minimum of four students) to get the recipes you want, as long as the produce is in season.

See you in class


2 thoughts on “I’m Listening

  1. HI Penny,

    Both mustards sound great. Is the honey mustard class (the one Mike used for the salad dressing last Sunday) being taught soon?

    I was wondering, any possibility you can schedule the Orange Cream Vanilla Bean curd and Canteloupe jam on a Thursday since you are only teaching it once on a Saturday in July?

    See you tomorrow.

    Have a good rest of the day.

    kathy ~~~~~~~~~~~~

    On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 3:48 PM, All In A Jar

    • Hello Kathy, Thank you. Both mustard are amazing I will have them out for you and other students to try. Yes, the Honey Mustard is the mustard Mike use of salad dressing. I will be offering that class in the fall. I have moved Orange Curd and Cantaloupe Jam to July 31 a Thursday. Looking forward to having you here back in the kitchen. Have a wonderful weekend. See you in class

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