Make Whats On Hand

I always let my students know when friends and family know you know how to can, they start bring you food.
One or twin a week I open the front door to find food. Love it.
The best part of people giving you foods is that you can play and make new recipes.
I had some tomatoes left over from last weeks classes. My friend came over and give me some pear.
So I decide I would make a new recipes using what I had on hand. This jam is sweet and savory. It will be wonderful on toasted
bread with some fresh Parmesan cheese or Ricotta cheese. Who would think of making Tomato Pear Jam.
See you in class

2 thoughts on “Make Whats On Hand

  1. Hi, Penny. FYI – I went to Penzeys Spices on Saturday. Picked quite a number of spices. It really is a fun place to shop. When paying I said “I understand that you gift wrap for free.” The clerks said “No, we’ve never had free gift-wrapping.” They showed me the boxes that you can purchase and you can wrap yourself. I opted out of that and did not buy half of what I had in my basket. Nonetheless, I still had a large purchase when I got done. Oh, well, maybe I misunderstood your student when she said free gift-wrapping. Just thought I’d warn you since you plan to make the trip there.



    • Hi Betsy,

      I’m glad you had a good time at the spice place. Good to know about the no free gift wrapping. I had fun they the Asian Pears you gave me. I made Hard Cider Pickle Asian Pears. I have a jar for you. Thank you again, we are enjoying your pickles. Take Care.

      See you in class, Penny Porter All In A Jar

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