Going Green

All In A Jar is working on ‘going green.’ We wanted to let you know of a few things we are doing to respect the environment. We have been composting kitchen and yard waste for the last few years which has been wonderful for the yard. We have acquired an extra small garbage can that costs less, and restricts waste that would eventually be taken to a landfill. All In A Jar buys local and in season products. This means that we help to reduce harmful fuel emissions because we do not buy food that has to be flown in, trucked or boated in from far away. We help remind students that the jars & rings can be used again. If a jar has a small chip in it use it for other things like storing vanilla sugar, paper clips, fresh flowers, etc. We have decided to no longer offer paper hand-outs of our information. After class you will receive the recipes as well as the “How To Prepare For Canning” Information electronically. No more wasting paper and ink! Last but not least we encourage students to use Pay Pal instead of using a stamp, envelope and the gas in the mail truck. We are trying our best so if you can help please let us know.

See you in class

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