New Tool


One of my students told me  about a cherry pitter that pits  four cherries at the same time. I just had to have one. You can get one at Bed Bath And Beyond.
What a great tool! I love it and I will be buying more for the up coming cherry classes. As you can see from the photograph above, I have been having some
fun with it already. Cherries are ripe and it is a short season so get out there and get some. In Brentwood, there are a lot of farms that let you pick your own.
It is a great way to spend time with the family. Below are a few I have heard good things about. Please call and check to see the days they are open and if they
have any cherries for picking.

Bloomfield Cherries (925) 550-5540, Chavez (925) 625-3994,
DC’s Extraordinary Cherries (925)

See you in class

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