Useful Tool


Today I was at my cousin’s home and she made some yummy juice! I watched her walk around the kitchen trying to figure out how to pour it into a glass. I said, “Get your canning funnel out.” It works great as an all-purpose funnel: I use it to fill my thermos with soup and my glass with juice, too. I always tell my students to get this tool for canning and now I’m letting you know it can be used for other jobs around the kitchen too.

See you in the kitchen

One thought on “Useful Tool

  1. I make my own trail mix with my favorite ingredients – almonds, raisins, dried fruit, carob bits, mini M & Ms and other yummies. I mix them all up in a bowl and put them in a big jar. Of course, the best tool for this? Yes, the blue funnel! Not a morsel of yummy is spilled. Thanks for the useful tips!

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