Finally It Fells Like Fall


What a wonderful summer All In A Jar had with the students that attended classes. Thank you! We had access to a lot of beautiful fruits and vegetables to play with in class. Some people think it is time to put away the canning supplies. But wait… no need to; we have more canning to do. What about all those amazing pears? You can make pears with toasted almonds and almond liqueur, pear ginger jam, hearty chutney or pear halves in simple syrup. So many varieties of apples out there too, what about a spicy apple butter, apple pie filling,  applesauce or apple jelly. For those oranges, how about marmalade or sparkling wine orange jelly or orange vanilla crud. Some other great ideas, persimmon jam or butter, pickled brussels sprouts, cauliflower, onions, carrots and beets. Fall and winter are great times to can, added bonus of warming your home up too. Especially when using your pressure canner because it has a long processing cook-time. With the pressure canner you can be making soups, stews, beans, tuna, and much more. This is a great time to make some homemade sausage for the freezer; cooler days work best when working with meat. Don’t let the cold weather or rain stop you from canning! Homemade canned goods make the best gifts. So get in the kitchen and start canning! The holidays are  coming.
November 29 Saturday is support local small businesses. Please remember our local small businesses when shopping for gifts this holiday season.

All In A Jar offers Gift Certificates.

All In A Jar will be adding to the class calendar in the next few days. Check out what will be offered in January and February. Happy Canning!

All In A Jar offers Gift Certificates.

See you in class

All In A Jar is back from British Virgin Islands


100_1831 100_1759We started the trip by landing in St. Thomas and took a ferry to the island Tortola to pick up a 44 foot catamaran sailboat. We had two other couples with us. One of the husbands is a captain that take over the boat.We all had our own bedroom and bathroom.  I had two big worries, sunburn and seasickness. I managed not to get sunburn but, a few day out at sea I felt a little under weather. We had two days of rain which added up to ten inches. They are hogging all the rain. We managed to have fun despite the rain. We sailed to the island of Norman and had a wonderful fish dinner and back to the boat for one of my favorite things to do FISHING. The next morning we had fish all around the boat jumping out of the water. That is the morning I caught a 6 foot shark. It was a lot of fun. The group then wanted to go snorkeling. I said I just got a shark out of that water. I will sit here and watch. We move to an other place with great snorkeling  that had caves. They all convinced me to go in the water. With the help of Tom master swimmer I was in the water hyperventilating. He suggested I lay on my back and he would bring me to the fish. I told him I want to see little fish please no big fish. After seeing a few schools of fish I was ready to get in the boat. I caught, clean and eat fish. Not all that excited to swim with them. Off to the next island St. Peter . I got to see my first turtle. The best part was it looked at me.  We had a wonderful lunch beside the pool with the view of the water and  chickens and cats walking around. Off to the little store for shopping need more supplies. We also stop by Virgin Gorda’s The Baths National Park. It was beautiful, The baths are a landscape of building-size boulders, clear saltwater grottoes, and powder-white beaches. The best island of all for me was Anegada. It is the only island that is flat. Fresh fish and miles of empty white beaches. When we where on the island they had a fishing tournament and it was fun to see the fishermen come in to have the fish weighted. The last night back to Tortola. We went to the Sugar Mill restaurant. This is an old sugar mill that has a wonderful restaurant and Inn. The food was amazing.



Cheers, See you in class

Why Can



There are many reasons why people can. Everyone has a different reason. Here are a few reasons why I can.

Health is a big one. I feel that people are slowly killing them selves with all the processed food they are eating. People ask me all the time why I can and I tell them, I know what is in the jar and I can pronounce each ingredient. There are no harmful additives, and a lot less sugar and salt.

Eco-Friendly is an other reason. If you grow your own food you are not having trucks bring your produce to the store and pollute the air. If you can’t grow your own food buy local.  You are reducing the waste of pre-packaged foods and the mason jars are reusable.

Finance is an other reason. When produce is in season it is at it lowest price. This is the perfect time to start preserving food and stock up your pantry. Those upscale kitchen stores with the fancy jams, chutney and mustard that you drool over can be made for a lot less money. When friends and family members know you can  they will start to bring you produce so be ready have jars on hand!

Passion is an other reason I can. I love food and sharing. I have been blessed to come from a family of foodies that are Portuguese. The Portuguese people I know want to show you how much they love you by cooking you a meal, handing you produce from their yard or a jar of homemade jam. Canning is a connection to my culture, family and heritage. I have to admit I love handing someone a jar and seeing them smile. The other thing I love is hearing the “POP” sound from the jars as they seal.

Gifts, What a wonderful thing to hand to someone. In my family we decided many years ago we would give consumable gifts during the holidays. For years I gave wine, but then I realized it’s not as special since they can go buy a bottle any where. So the last few years my family and friend have received jars from me. Now they are starting to make requests. When it comes to the holidays us canners have the upper hand on gift giving with our full pantry to shop in.

Quality and taste is far better homemade that any store-bought. Find the best produce at its peak and can it. Is going to taste better than anything you can get from the store.

One last thing, I’m highly addicted to canning and my personal goal is to get you addicted too.  I love it, it makes me happy. Happy Canning!

Share with me your reasons for canning.

P.S. Check out the class calendar. I have change a few things.  Please let me know what you would like to learn.

See you in class